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Review of the Fiart 43 Seawalker Panorama: Exploring in All Weather Conditions

Angelos Tsamouridis
7 minutes
16 Feb
By incorporating an aerodynamic windshield, this stylish Italian vessel has transformed into a secure and enjoyable companion for extended cruising adventures.

Following the success of the 43 Seawalker, the Italian shipyard Fiart embarked on the development of the Panorama model, which made its debut this year in Cannes. Fiart's in-house design team crafted the model, aiming to create a more adaptable yacht tailored for extended cruises and holidays.

Unboxing the Fiart 43 Seawalker Panorama’s Secrets

The standout innovation on this model is the inclusion of an aerodynamic windshield, seamlessly integrated with the hard top. This feature not only enhances the yacht's aesthetic appeal but also offers superior protection from the sun and wind. Additionally, it can serve as a platform for installing solar panels, adding to its functionality.

The Helm Station That Puts You in Control

We conducted an early morning test of the new Panorama against the backdrop of the September sun rising over the tranquil Tyrrhenian Sea. Shielded by a windshield that seamlessly transitions into a transparent hard top above us, we relished the panoramic view as we gradually accelerated, driven by two whisper-quiet 480-hp Volvo Penta engines paired with IPS 650S transmission.

The area at the sporty helm station, featuring two expansive Garmin screens displaying engine performance and navigation data, offers outstanding comfort and unparalleled visibility in every direction.

The Seaworthiness of the Seawalker Panorama Model

The throttle lever exhibits sensitivity, and the yacht displays agility in response to every input. Planing commenced at 15 knots and 1400 rpm. We attained a cruising speed of 26 knots at 2300 rpm, consuming 110 liters per hour, while the maximum speed reached was 37 knots at 3700 rpm, with consumption peaking at 185 l/h.

Executing turns at full speed was precise and devoid of splashing, leaning, or sliding, with the elevated windshield shielding all passengers from wind exposure. Engine noise insulation proved excellent, enabling clear communication even at full throttle without the need to raise voices.

Upon deciding to decelerate, the yacht once again showcased its excellence, executing the maneuver seamlessly without any water spillage over the aft platform.

The stern and bow areas of the ship serve as expansive sundecks, each equipped with multiple cup holders and accessible via wide passages on both sides, ensuring safe access whether at anchor or underway.

At the stern, a spacious platform can accommodate a jet ski or an inflatable tender. Moving forward, the central part of the cockpit, sheltered by a hard top, features a large table with seating for six and a fully equipped galley complete with a refrigerator and sink. This well-protected space, shielded from the intense daytime sun or evening humidity, is likely where guests will spend the majority of their time while at anchor or in marinas.

Interior of the Fiart 43 Seawalker Panorama

The entrance to the lower deck is situated to the left of the command console, accessed via a staircase leading to a cozy lounge area. Here, a comfortable sofa positioned beside the port-side window offers an exceptional view of the sea.

The lower deck accommodates two cabins: the master cabin located in the bow, featuring a double bed and a private ensuite with a shower cabin, and a guest cabin positioned aft, furnished with two single beds measuring just under two meters in length.

Ample windows, carefully selected fabrics and materials, and light pastel colors contribute to a sense of harmony and spaciousness within the interior. Additionally, numerous drawers, compartments, and wardrobes provide ample storage space for belongings during longer cruises.

The Fiart Seawalker 43 Panorama stands out as an exceptional boat, offering both sporty navigation and comfort and safety, all while remaining easy to handle.

These attributes are certain to inspire owners to embark on voyages to destinations they may never have imagined before, confidently exploring new horizons with their "sea runner."

The two skipper seats offer comfort and adjustability, while the side bench features a folding backrest that easily converts into an additional bed. The command console is wider compared to the Open version, complemented by a wide and tall windshield and a robust handrail crafted from stainless steel. Towards the aft, two storage boxes, a shower, and wide stairs provide convenient access to the sea.

One of the most intriguing offerings on the extras list is the in-house designed hard top, spacious enough to cover the entire cockpit area and robust enough to support various accessories such as bow and side shades, fishing rod holders, radars, solar panels, and similarly sized items.

The Pičuljan Squama 21 Sundeck boasts an electric anchoring system featuring stainless steel components, alongside an advanced Fusion audio system equipped with a touch-sensitive stereo Garmin MS-RA770 Apollo sound system, four speakers, and a powerful 1800 W subwoofer. Additionally, it includes a Garmin GPSMAP 923xsv Plotter, a heavy-duty water ski extension, Seadeck decking for added comfort, and a 20-liter stainless steel electric fridge.

Powered by a single Mercury ProXS 175 V6 engine, coupled with an electro-hydraulic steering system, the Squama 21 achieves an impressive top speed of 40 knots.The

Pičuljan Squama 21 Sundeck represents the newest iteration of the well-established Squama 21 Open platform, renowned for its outstanding maneuverability, stability, and speed. In this Sundeck version, the Squama 21 features a single-bed cabin located in the bow, along with a generous deck-sundeck area, an expanded cockpit, and a broader central console.

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